• Gemeente Den Haag

    From 1st of Jan – 31st of December 2019 I’m working as Fine Art Specialist (Senior Policy Advisor) at City of the Hague. Tasks include(d) a.o.: – designing and preparing new subsidy scheme ‘Subsidieregeling makers Den Haag 2019’: https://www.denhaag.nl/nl/subsidies/subsidies-cultuur/subsidie-makersregeling-aanvragen.htm – casemanager Subsidieregeling makers Den Haag 2019 – part of Subsidieregeling makers Den Haag 2019 committee […]

  • Nieuwe Vide

    From 1st of May 2015 till 31st of January 2019 I was director/curator at Nieuwe Vide art space in Haarlem (The Netherlands), working there 3,5 days a week (on a freelance basis). Nieuwe Vide is a combination of exhibition space and (25) studios. The studios are rented by artists, animation studios, graphic designers, copy writers […]

  • Curatorial residency at Fire Station (Dublin, Ireland)

    In the beginning of 2015 Mare van Koningsveld & I responded to an open call for curators. The call was initiated by Fire Sation in Dublin. Fire Station is located in the north east inner city of Dublin. “The Fire Station Artists’ Studios was established in 1993 to provide support for professional visual artists.”Fire Station […]

  • The Culture of Ageing

    Photos © Lennard Dost Curators: Lennard Dost & Mare van Koningsveld ‘An ageing population represents one of the most significant demographic and socioeconomic developments that Maltese society will be facing in the coming decades. As a result of declining fertility and mortality levels and major improvements in life expectancy and healthy life years, the proportion […]


    Photos © eSeL.at In the summer of 2014 I responded to an open call for international curators, initiated by studio das weisse haus in Vienna. The curator that would be selected would reside in a studio at das weisse haus from 22nd of September till 23rd of November 2014. I sent a proposal for a […]


    Photos © Ruben van Vliet VHDG/SRV Curator: Lennard Dost VHDG/SRV is a project initiated by art initiative VHDG in 2013, when I was still curator at VHDG. As I found it a pity that VHDG didn’t have a residency, I came up with the idea for a mobile residency. So, VHDG converted an old mobile […]

  • Curatorial residency in Valletta, Malta

    Photos © Lennard Dost In 2014 Mare van Koningsveld and I responded to an open call for emerging Dutch curators. The call was initiated by V.18, Valletta European Capital of Culture 2018. In the end two Dutch curators would get the opportunity to come to Valletta (Malta) in 2014. Luckily, Mare & I were invited […]

  • Incredible Travel Experiences

    Photos © Lennard Dost Incredible Travel Experiences Curator: Lennard Dost The Incredible Travel Experiences exhibition opened at CBK Drenthe (Assen, The Netherlands) on the 5th of April 2014. The exhibition was about personal travel experiences as seen though the eyes of artists. I curated the exhibition on invitation of Toos Arends (at the time Director […]

  • Lexicon/Leksikon

    Photos © Hans Jellema Lexicon/Leksikon Curator: Lennard Dost On Saturday the 30th of November 2013 the Lexicon/Leksikon exhibition opened, which was about accents, dialects and local languages. How do we make use of language in specific communities, how do we define ourselves via language, and how do we distinct ourselves form others via language? What […]

  • Social Sound

    Photos © Pepijn van den Broeke Social Sound Curator: Lennard Dost Pop culture – ans specifically: music – is very present in Leeuwarden, the city in the Northern part of Holland, where I used to work as curator at art initiative VHDG. There’s the Academy for Pop Culture, there are festivals like ‘Welcome to the […]

  • Nature Now

    Photos © Lennard Dost In the summer of 2012 I worked as projectcoordinator at CBK Drenthe in Assen, The Netherlands. I a.o. helped with organizing the Nature Now exhibition, curated by CBK Drenthe director Toos Arends. The project was about contemporary visions on nature. We make use of nature, without precisely realising what nature is, […]

  • In Search of…

    Photos © Pepijn van den Broeke In Search of… Curators: Lennard Dost & Daniël Dennis de Wit Context Just like Bas Jan Ader, I originate from Winschoten, a small town in the province of Groningen (The Netherlands). Because of this shared background, I’ve Always felt I ‘had’ to do something with Ader. Ader grew up […]

  • Noordkaap

    Photos © Roel Weenink Context In 2011-2012 art initiative Noordkaap (Dordrecht, The Netherlands) researched the rise of populism in Europe. As part of this research several European cities were paid a visit: Istanbul, Munich, Cologne, Lisbon, Budapest. In these cities Noordkaap wanted to research how populism manifestated itself, and how artists dealt with the rise […]

  • Young Collectors

    Photos © SIGN Young Collectors Curators: Lennard Dost & Mare van Koningsveld In 2009 the Young Collectors program started at SIGN (Groningen), of which Mare van Koningsveld and I were curators + initiators. Young Collectors did research the function and role of young art collectors in the art world, and consisted of a series of […]

  • Popview + Lex van Rossen Award

    Photos © Lennard Dost Popview + Lex van Rossen Award Curators + initiators: Lennard Dost & Floor Boogaart Mare van Koningsveld & Philippus Zandstra were also part of the organisation/curators of Popview + Lex van Rossen Award editie 2009. Background Music photographers are living in difficult times. At concerts they often are only allowed to […]

  • Reading the Drawing – Narrative in Contemporary Art and Comics

    Photos © Lennard Dost Reading the Drawing – Narrative in Contemporary Art and Comics Curators: Lennard Dost & Tsjalling Venema The first exhibition I ever curated was Reading the Drawing – Narrative in Contemporary Art and Comics at SIGN, Groningen (co-curated with Tsjalling Venema, at present owner of With Tsjalling Gallery, Groningen, The Netherlands). Reading […]

About Lennard Dost

Lennard has a BA Management, Economy and Law (Hanzehogeschool Groningen, The Netherlands) + a BA Art History (Royal University Groningen, The Netherlands). He has written about art (a.o. Het Financieele Dagblad, De Volkskrant, De Groene Amsterdammer, Het Parool, Metropolis M and hART) and curated more than 40 exhibitions. From 2011-2013 Lennard was advisor at Mondriaan Fund. He used to be jury member of Hendrik de Vries-Stipendium (Groningen, 2013-2016). Furthermore from 1st of May 2015 - 31st of January 2019 he was director/curator at Nieuwe Vide art space (Haarlem, The Netherlands). Since 1st of January 2019 Lennard is fine art specialist at City of The Hague. Since January 2014 he is member of the 'werkveldadviesraad' (advisory board) of Academy Minerva (Groningen, The Netherlands). He is based in Leiden (The Netherlands).

Texts (in Dutch)

De mens is wreed en de situatie uitzichtloos in kunst uit Tbilisi

Born In Georgia heet de expositie over hedendaagse kunst uit Georgië die nu is te zien in het Cobra Museum in Amstelveen. Maar eigenlijk was Born in Tbilisi een betere titel geweest. Want van de 27 kunstenaars die curator Jan Hein Sassen in samenspraak met kunstenaar Gia Edzgveradze selecteerde, is 90 procent geboren in de […]