Gemeente Den Haag

From 1st of January – 31st of December 2019 I was working as Fine Art Specialist (Senior Policy Advisor) at City of the Hague. On the payroll. 36h a week.

Tasks included a.o.:
– designing and preparing new subsidy scheme ‘Subsidieregeling makers Den Haag 2019’
– casemanager Subsidieregeling makers Den Haag 2019.
– together with communication officer coming up with a strategy to promote Subsidieregeling makers Den Haag 2019
– part of Subsidieregeling makers Den Haag 2019 committee
– introducing two colleagues (who were new at fine art department) in the Dutch art world
– replacing colleague who gave birth at domain of ‘art in public space’ during her maternity leave (June-Nov 2019)
– part of ‘Broedplaatsenoverleg’ and involved in ‘Broedplaatsen update.

Design Subsidieregeling makers Den Haag 2019
During the design process I’ve been in contact with colleagues of Municipality of Tilburg and Municipality of Utrecht, and with a senior policy advisor of Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie. Afterwards a concept was created by me and this concept was then presented to 14-16 representatives of the cultural field of The Hague, asking them to come up with feedback. Feedback was processed and grant scheme was drawn.

New elements of Subsidieregeling makers Den Haag 2019:
– small plan of action (max 2 A4)
– pitch
– afterwards a presentation (in stead of paper)
– makers dont need to be legal entities
– collaboration between maker and cultural organisation
– cultural organisation may be located in stedelijke cultuurregio Leiden or stedelijke cultuurregio Den Haag
– a fixed amout of subsidy (8000 euros)
– not expected to deliver a product but focus on artistic research.

Furthermore: Subsidieregeling makers Den Haag 2019 is open to all cultural disciplines (art, theater, music, film, dance, literature, design, comics and so on). There is no age limit. Plus it is also accesible to people who were educated in a non linear way.
Subsidieregeling makers Den Haag 2019 has an annual budget for 2019-2022.

Casemanager subsidieregeling makers Den Haag 2019
Tasks a.o. included answering questions, asking for additional information, planning pitches, composing advisory committee, inviting makers to do pitches, advising the alderman, drafting decisions.

Introducing two colleagues in the Dutch art world
We a.o. visited artists in their studio’s and met with interest groups. We visited museums, art spaces and fairs and talked with curators and directors. Furthermore we attended lectures + I suggested exhibition openings, interesting articles and magazines and pointed at current (relevant) debates.

From 1st of January – 31st of March 2020 I am working as Senior Policy Advisor at City of the Hague.
On a freelance basis. 3 days a week.
Goal is to create ‘a vision paper’ on how to deal with questions related to art in public space. Important part of this is coming up with recommendations to beter structure processes. Apart from this I will be evaluating the Makersregeling and will be coming up with recommendations.

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