Gemeente Den Haag

From 1st of Jan – 31st of December 2019 I’m working as Fine Art Specialist (Senior Policy Advisor) at City of the Hague.

Tasks include(d) a.o.:
– designing and preparing new subsidy scheme ‘Subsidieregeling makers Den Haag 2019’:
– casemanager Subsidieregeling makers Den Haag 2019
– part of Subsidieregeling makers Den Haag 2019 committee
– Introducing two colleagues who are new at fine art department in the Dutch art world (a.o. visting artists in their studio’s, visiting museums and talking with curators and directors, suggesting exhibition openings and pointing at current debates and interesting articles)
– replacing colleague who gave birth at domain of ‘art in public space’ during her maternity leave
(June-November 2019)
– part of ‘Broedplaatsenoverleg’

In general i’m interested in bringing people together. I’m convinced combining talents is essential to multiply knowledge. Which in turn is essential to be able to meet the challenges we are up to in this current world.

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