Complaints Choir performance broadcasted on Omrop Fryslan

Omrop Fryslan attended the performance of Complaints Choir Leeuwarden. The item was broadcasted on January 2013 in the K-rute programme. Video is in Dutch.

Social Sound

Omroep Fryslan did an item about the workshop that artists Elke Uitentuis & Nienke Jansen organised for and with students of the Academy for Pop Culture (Leeuwarden). The item was broadcasted on the 30th of January 2013 in the K-Rute programme.

Social Sound

Photos © Pepijn van den Broeke Social Sound Curator: Lennard Dost Pop culture – ans specifically: music – is very present in Leeuwarden, the city in the Northern part of Holland, where I used to work as curator at art initiative VHDG. There’s the Academy for Pop Culture, there are festivals like ‘Welcome to the […]

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