Incredible Travel Experiences

Photos © Lennard Dost

Incredible Travel Experiences
Curator: Lennard Dost

The Incredible Travel Experiences exhibition opened at CBK Drenthe (Assen, The Netherlands) on the 5th of April 2014. The exhibition was about personal travel experiences as seen though the eyes of artists.
I curated the exhibition on invitation of Toos Arends (at the time Director of CBK Drenthe).

Artists that participated

Joost Conijn, Ester Polak & Ivar van Bekkum, Ben Kruisdijk & Conny Kuilboer, Abner Preis, Daniel Dennis de Wit, Maria Barnas, Erik Kessels, Sophie Calle, Floris Kaayk, Karishma d”Souza and Inge Meijer.

Daniel Dennis de Wit contributed a photograpic installation that referred to the journeys he made with his family when he was younger. Abner Preis used as a starting point a letter from his granddad, written shortly after World War II during a trip from Vienna to Palestine. Inge Meijer, Sophie Calle and Erik Kessels choose a more documentary approach. Calle gave us a glimpse on a tragic love story. Inge Meijer documented camping guests. And Erik Kessels showed us photos of an unknown woman, made while she was on holidays with her husband. Esther Polak & Ivar van Bekkum created an installation about the possibilities of Google Streetview. Ben Kruisdijk & Conny Kuilboer for their installation were inspired by a film of Indiana Jones, and artist/writer/poet Maria Barnas in her video showed us the rituals of Cosmonauts, while preparing for their journey into space.

I composed the side program as well, among which a lecture by Dutch poet Ingmar Heytze (who for years had a fear of travelling), and a walking dinner, that led the participants to restaurants in Assen with different cultural backgrounds. The participants in a way made a culinary journey. Artist Yvonne Blaauw organized a stopmotion animation workshop for students from Assen and organised an educational project in which seniors from Assen were asked about their personal travel experiences.

Foto’s © Yvonne Blaauw

Coevorder Courant wrote a review about the exhibition, entitled ‘Reisavonturen met hoog virtueel gehalte’. Author: Wim van der Beek.

Incredibe Travel Experiences was financially supported by Mondriaan Fund.

For more information, see the litte booklet below, designed by Rocket Industries.

In de Pers

Het Dagblad van het Noorden schreef een artikel over de expositie.

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